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MVTP Modular Video Transmission Platform Ultra-low latency network video and audio transmissions
Latency < 3 ms

Added latency under 3 ms for video and audio.


Multipoint connections are possible.

Perfect for music collaboration

With the smallest latency possible.


Modular Video Transmission Platform

We have developed a unique FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based technology that enables networked video and audio transmissions superior to HDTV with an added latency of less than 3 milliseconds. The device is a real-time system with all video and audio processing done in the FPGA.

The latency of the device is so small that real-time delay-critical applications over long distances can be realized even after adding network latency. For example, musicians can play together in real time between cities and countries. Video quality exceeds current HDTV broadcast standards and enables live TV production with multiple cameras and in multiple locations.

The all-in-one device is very easy to use, requires no computer or software, and is small, lightweight, fanless, and 100% silent.

Use Cases

Distance collaboration in the performing arts

With our equipment, you can collaborate remotely, whether it's a theatrical or musical production.

Distance master classes, rehearsals, auditions, cultural exchanges

We can help you connect across the globe, whatever your goals are.

For performers all around the world

Distributed performances with artists in different cities, countries or continents working together in real time for audiences in different locations.

Low-latency video and audio contribution.

Live events in the studio and for your customers in a fraction of a second


Up to 4K

Video up to 1080p60 for MVTP-HD or 2160p60 for MVTP 4K


Multipoint operation (3-point video, 5-point audio)

Analog audio

8-channel analog audio


Dante audio (for MVTP-4K)

MVTP 4K only
Latency < 3 ms

Added latency under 3 ms for video and audio

High-quality compression

High-quality JPEG XS video compression


A true real-time FPGA-based system


All-in-one hardware, no PC is needed

Compact design

Small size, lightweight, no fan, 100% silent for music applications

Multiple ways to control

Easy configuration using the integrated web GUI, front panel or command line

Available devices


Supported video formats
Analog audio channels
Network connection
1G Ethernet
1U (364x197x44 mm)
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Supported video formats
HD, 4K
Analog audio channels
Dante audio channels
Network connection
10G Ethernet
1U (416x227x44 mm)
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About music performance

Real-time remote collaboration

Live performances over a computer network are critically sensitive to low end-to-end audio and video latency.

For classical music, the end-to-end delay must be less than approximately 20 ms depending on the instruments and style of performance.

The packet propagation delay over a network in Europe is in the range of 10 to 20 ms, leaving only a few milliseconds for additional transmission device delay.

A pair of MVTP devices (transmitter and receiver) adds a delay from about 1 millisecond to several milliseconds depending on the receiver buffer setting and the video format.

The technology won
the Czech Head Award, category Industrie, 2022
for the most innovative product developed in the recent years
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Learn more about the award:
Czech Head Award for Cesnet
The technology won
European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award 2020
for its unique contribution to real-time remote collaboration in the performing arts between European countries.
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Demonstration video


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Project TL1000106 Distance collaboration in art education using modern transmission technologies has been supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in the ETA Programme.
Project FW0101023 Device for low-latency video transmissions in the JPEG XS format has been supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in the TREND Programme.