MVTP - Modular Video Transmission Platform

We have developed unique technology that allows network transmissions of high-quality video and audio signals with just a few milliseconds of added latency between end points.

The latency is small enough to allow musicians to play together across distance between cities and countries. At the same time, the quality of video is beyond current television broadcast standards and allows live multi-camera and multi-site television production.

Technology features


MVTP-Audio data sheet (pdf)


MVTP-8K data sheet (pdf)

Use cases

Live culture over network

CESNET received the European Heritage Award / Europa Nostra Award in 2020 for the "Cross-border Collaboration for European Classical Music". You can find some more information here:
Cross-border Collaboration for European Classical Music


Example events


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CESNET can help arrange distributed performances anywhere in the world. The MVTP devices are also available for rent or purchase.

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